Wendell Holmes, Ltd, London - St. Thomas (23mm x 9mm)

What better than a book-shaped (bibliomorphic? libriform?) label to better promote your business?

Alphonse Picard & Fils, Paris, France (37mm x 26mm, ca.1900?). Alphonse Picard & Fils, Paris, France (37mm x 26mm, ca.1900?).
Wolfgang Engbers, Buchhandlung, Hagen, Germany (25mm x 18mm, after 1946). Courtesy of Michael Kunze. Karl Markert, Wissenschaftliche Buchhandlung, Leipzig, Germany (29mm x 20mm) B. DeKler, Leiden, Netherlands (21mm x 19mm). Courtesy of S. Loreck. P. van Akkeren, Haarlemsch Boekhuis, Haarlem, Netherlands (30mm x 23mm). Courtesy of S. Loreck. J. Kasalicky, Vienna, Austria (21mm x 28mm, ca.1928). Courtesy of Michael Kunze.
Encuadernacion Barcelona [Santiago, Chile] (23mm x 31mm, ca.1903) A.W. Bain, Binder, London (17mm x 13mm, ca.1890) Baker, Voorhis & Co., Law Booksellers, New York (26mm x 31mm, ca.1925?)
C.E. Butler, Bookseller, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (18mm x 25mm) Pond & Childs, Booksellers, Hartford, Connecticut (13mm x 17mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis. F. Loeser & Co., Brooklyn, New York (10mm x 13mm, after 1902). Courtesy of R. Behra. Peter Paul and Bro., Buffalo, New York (18mm x 24mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis.
Boughman, Thomas & Co., Booksellers, Stationers, Binders and Blank Book Manufacturers, Wilmington, Delaware (22mm x 14mm). Courtesy of S. Loreck. Librairie A. Bolliet, Aix-les-Bains, France (32mm x 25mm) Irwin's Pharmacy, Drugs, Books, Stationery, Midland, Ontario, Canada (22mm x 17mm). Courtesy of S. Loreck.
G.C. Hauenstein, Buchbindermeisterin, Germany (30mm x 15mm) Books Inc, San Francisco, California (18mm x 25mm, c.1922). Paul Schultze, Buchhandlung, Torgau, Germany (28mm x 16mm, ca.1928?). Courtesy of Michael Kunze.
Victor Petterson, Stockholm, Sweden (26mm x 16mm, ca.1870s?).
The Friendly Shop, Arcadia, California (39mm x 29mm) Miller's Old Book Shop, Tulsa, Oklahoma (inkstamp, 33mm x 25mm)
The Little Book Shop -- Nesta C. Edwards, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (approx 32mm x 27mm) Bertand Smith's Acres of Books, Cincinnati, Ohio (21mm x 40mm, before 1934). Courtesy of Robert Behra. The Golden Rule, St. Paul, Minnesota (33mm x 23mm)
Laurel Book Service, Katherine and Karl Goedecke, Hazleton, Pennsylvania (27mm x 22mm, ca.1930s).
Biola Book Room, Los Angeles, California (28mm x 22mm) Biola Book Room, Los Angeles, California (28mm x 22mm) The Little Book Shop, Hinsdale, Illinois (28mm x 22mm)
The Quaint Book Shop, Tacoma, Washington (27mm x 22m). Washington Jewish Book Store, Washington, D.C. (27mm x 22mm) Paragon Book Gallery - The Oriental Bookstore of America, New York, NY (27mm x 22mm). Tuscaloosa Library Bindery, Tuscaloosa, Alabama (28mm x 16mm, ca.1940s) Village Book & Stationery, Raleigh, North Carolina (28mm x 22mm) D. Schiller's Popular Price Book Store, Washington, DC (24mm x 16mm). Courtesy of Robert Behra.
Book Shop Bindery, Chicago, Illinois (24mm x 14mm) Utah Book & Stationery Co., Salt Lake City, Utah (29mm x 16mm) Book Lovers' Shop, San Diego, California (30mm x 15mm) Powell's, San Jose, California (28mm x 22mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis. Redwood Book Shop, Mill Valley, California (28mm x 21mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis. Ritter's, Mansfield, Ohio (27mm x 21mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis. Harry W. Schwartz, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (28mm x 22mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis. Janeway Shop, Hutchinson, Kansas (28mm x 22mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis. Lou's Stationers, Long Beach, California (28mm x 22mm) Peninsula Book Shop, Palo Alto, California (29mm x 25mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis. Jaffe's Book & Music Exchange, Calgary, Canada (30mm x 22mm, ca. 1924). Courtesy of Brian Busby.
Dean Markham's Book Store, Los Angeles, California (31mm x 39mm)
Powner's Antiquarian Book Store, Chicago, Illinois (inkstamp, 64mm x 70mm). Courtesy of Robert Behra.
Hiller Bookbinding Co., Salt Lake City [Utah] (24mm x 18mm) Hiller Bookbinding Co., Salt Lake City [Utah] (19mm x 33mm) Hiller Bookbinding Co., Salt Lake City, Utah (27mm x 22mm)

Emily Mundy's Book Shop, Syracuse, New York (24mm x 12mm)
Dieter, Denver, Colorado (19mm x 21mm) Dieter Binds Better, Denver, Colo. (19mm x 22mm)
W.M. Helburn, New York (28mm x 16mm) National Library Bindery Co., [several locations] (19mm x 20mm, after 1928). Courtesy of Robert Behra. The Montana Library Bindery, Butte, Montana (27mm x 19mm)
Open Book Shop -- Mrs. Cowlin, Elgin, Illinois (approx 24mm x 20mm). Courtesy of J.C. & P.C. Dast. Neeley's, Books - Games - Stationery, Montgomery, Alabama (28mm x 16mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis.
Roberts Holmes, Ltd., London, Ontario, Canada (23mm x 9mm, c.1970). Courtesy of Andrew Smith.
Foyles, London, England (19mm x 24mm, ca.1924). Foyles, London, England (20mm x 26mm, ca.1933). Foyles, London, England (19mm x 22mm).
Porter, Barcelona, Spain (22mm x 25mm, ca.1965). Porter, Barcelona, Spain (21mm x 25mm, ca.1964). Porter, Barcelona, Spain (22mm x 25mm, ca.1959).

The Jones Book Store, Los Angeles, California (37mm x 23mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis.
Old Corner Book Store, Boston, Massachusetts (17mm x 27mm, ca.1928). Courtesy of Sarah Faragher. Hartman's Books, Seattle (21mm x 26mm) The White House, San Francisco (20mm x 23mm) Buffum's Books, Long Beach, California (19mm x 25mm) Newbegin's, San Francisco, California (18mm x 32mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis. Newbegins, San Francisco, California (16mm x 24mm, ca.1930). L. Mateos, Sevilla [Spain] (21mm x 29mm) Tourian Freres, Relieurs [Binders], Cairo [Egypt] (15mm x 24mm)
Charles L. Elliott [binder], Baltimore, Maryland (20mm x 20mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis. George A. Simonds & Co, Washington DC (15mm x 17mm, 1958). Courtesy of Robert Behra. Travers Book Store, Trenton, New Jersey (17mm x 17mm) Koster, Antiquariaat - Boekhandel, Rotterdam, Netherlands (22mm x 22mm). Courtesy of S. Loreck.
Librairie Joseph Gibert, Paris, France (17mm x 24mm, ca.1938). Courtesy of Suzzallo & Allen Libraries, University of Washington. Librairire Joseph Gibert, Paris, France (19mm x 26mm, ca.1930s?). Courtesy of Ken Bosman, Pilchuck Books.
Zafon, Tel Aviv, Israel (31mm x 28mm) A. Schweighauser-Probst, Buchbinderei, Bern, Switzerland (32mm x 21mm). Courtesy of Robert Behra. Ibn Zaidun House, Muhammad Walid al-Nabulsi, prop. Halabuni, Damascus (25mm x 33mm, ca.1976) Progressive Books, Auckland, New Zealand. Courtesy of Siobhan McCormack. Libreria del Este, Caracas, Venezuela (25mm x 35mm). Walter E. Shields, Waskada, Manitoba, Canada (36mm x 20mm, ca. 1902). Courtesy of Brian Busby. The Silent Evangel Society, Indianapolis, Indiana (40mm x 28mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis.
Etienne Vion, Librairie, Papeterie, Musique. 8 R. de la Republique, Amiens (28mm x 21mm)

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