The Island Bookshop, Nassau, Bahamas (26mm x 26mm, ca.1953).
Henry R. Johnson, Bookseller & Stationer, Springfield, Massachusetts (34mm x 10mm, ca.1901). Courtesy of Robert Behra. Johnson's Bookstore, Springfield, Massachusetts (35mm x 10mm, ca.1910). Courtesy of Peter Christian Pehrson.
Ralph Krogstad, Windjammer Bookshop, Seattle (17mm x 21mm, ca. 1940) Olds & King's Book Shop, s.l. (30mm x 40mm). Courtesy of Lewis Jaffe. Williams' Book Store, San Pedro, California (29mm x 46mm) The Frigate, Los Angeles, California (50mm x 32mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis. The Hampshire Bookshop, Northampton, Massachusetts (20mm x 28mm) Hollywood Book Store, Hollywood, California (25mm x 35mm) Barkentine Book Shop, Marina del Rey, California (70mm x 37mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis. Hudson's Book Shop, Detroit, Michigan (46mm x 34mm)

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