City Book Shop, Johannesburg, South Africa (52mm x 13mm, ca.1954) Juta's Bookshop, Cape Town, South Africa (39mm x 14mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis. Exclusive Books, Johannesburg, RSA (56mm x 13mm, c.1968). Courtesy of Third Place Books. Kingstons, Bulawayo & Salisbury [now Harare], Zimbabwe (38mm x 20mm) Foyles, Capetown, South Africa (21mm x 22mm, c.1967). ID, Cape Town, South Africa (18mm x 18mm, c.1960). Courtesy of Third Place Books. Lantern Books, Salisbury, S.Rhodesia (25mm x 20mm, ca.1965) T. Maskew Miller [as binder], Cape Town, So. Africa (28mm x 5mm, ca.1921)
The Reader's Corner, Cairo, Egypt (26mm X 21mm, c. 1951). Courtesy of Nicholas Forster Shuter & Shooter, Book & Stationery Experts, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa (31mm x 10mm). Courtesy of S. Loreck. Stuttafords Book Shop, Cape Town, South Africa (25mm x 13mm, ca.1958). Courtesy of Albert Mendez. Tourian Freres, Relieurs [Binders], Cairo,  Egypt (15mm x 24mm). Courtesy of Robert Behra. Vanguard Booksellers, Johannesburg, South Africa (45mm x 13mm). Courtesy of S. Loreck.
J.L. van Schaik, Booksellers, Pretoria, South Africa (35mm x 10mm, before 1938). Courtesy of Robert Behra. Van Schaik's Bookstore, Pretoria, South Africa (approx 30mm x 8mm, after 1938). Courtesy of J.C. & P.C. Dast.

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