Lewis Jaffe

"The Bookplate Junkie"
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

John Brady, Bookseller, Baltimore, Maryland  (approx. 22mm x 50mm, ca.1824?) Oliver Ditson Company, Music Publishers, Boston, Massachusetts (approx. 38mm x 34mm) Doxey, Importer, San Francisco, California (17mm x 9mm) Paul Elder & Co., San Francisco (19mm x 23mm) Thomas Groom & Co, Boston, Massachusetts (28mm x 43mm) Levinson's, The Book Store, Sacramento (21mm x 31mm, ca. 1968) Frank Murray, Bookseller, Derby, England (22mm x 26mm) Olds & King's Book Shop, s.l. (30mm x 40mm) J.P. Parke, Medical Books, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (32mm x 27mm, ca.1840?) J. Francis Ruggles, Bronson, Michigan (43mm x 26mm, ca.1900) J. Francis Ruggles, Bronson, Michigan (35mm x 25mm, ca.1900) Abraham Vandenhoeck & George Richmond, London, England (50mm x 80mm) Villagrá Book Shop, Santa Fé, New Mexico (38mm x 38mm)

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