J.C. & P.C. Dast

Evansville, Wisconsin

Albert & Son, Perth, Australia (approx 37mm x 19mm) The Atlantis Bookshop, London, England (approx 37mm x 18mm) Auerbach's, Salt Lake City, Utah (approx 19mm x 11mm) Baldwin Book Barn, West Chester, Pennsylvania (approx 50mm x 19mm) Book Barter Bob (approx 18mm x 26mm)
Becky Thatcher Book Shop, Hannibal, Missouri (approx 63mm x 87mm)
The Berkshire Traveller, Stockbridge, Massachusetts (approx 19mm x 22mm) W. Beyer, Books & Art, New York, NY (approx 28mm x 15mm) Boston Store [dept store], Milwaukee, Wisconsin (approx 15mm x 23mm) George Brumder, Bookseller, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (approx 21mm x 9mm) C.E. Butler, Bookseller, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (18mm x 25mm) Chicago Book Mart, Chicago, Illinois (approx 38mm x 12mm) The City Bookshop, Guildford, England (approx 16mm x 12mm) Dinkytown Antiquarian Books, Minneapolis, Minnesota (approx 27mm x 38mm) Duttenhofer's Book Treasures, Cincinnati, Ohio (approx 31mm x 25mm) Edmonds & Remnants, Binders, London, England (approx 20mm x 14mm, ca.1850s?) D.P. Elder and Morgan Shepard  (approx 18mm x 23mm) Exchange Book Shop, New York, NY (approx 37mm x 25mm) Famous-Barr [dept store], St. Louis, Missouri (approx 36mm x 15mm) Theodore Front Musical Literature, Beverly Hills, California (approx 30mm x 18mm) H. Gray, Antiquarian Bookseller, Manchester, England (approx 15mm x 16mm) Hall's Book Shop, Boston, Massachusetts (approx 32mm x 11mm) Harold Hockey, Stationer -- Bookseller, Bristol, England (approx 36mm x 12mm) Joseph Horne Co., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (approx 17mm x 22mm) K.W. Hottle, Allentown, Pennsylvania (approx 32mm x 11mm) T. James & Co., Booksellers & Book Buyers, Southampton, England (approx 28mm x 10mm) The Little Book Shop -- Nesta C. Edwards, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (approx 32mm x 27mm)
Robert S. McGee, Bookseller & Stationer, Dublin, Ireland (approx 24mm x 15mm) Robert S. McGee, Bookseller & Stationer, Dublin, Ireland (approx 25mm x 17mm)
Mother Courage Enterprises, Racine, Wisconsin (approx 30mm x 44mm) Old Prof's Book Shop, Pontiac, Michigan (approx 50mm x 30mm) Open Book Shop -- Mrs. Cowlin, Elgin, Illinois (approx 24mm x 20mm) W.H. Smith & Son, Paris, France (approx 26mm x 14mm) Van Schaik's Bookstore, Pretoria, South Africa (approx 30mm x 8mm, after 1938)
V.L. & A. -- Von Lengerke & Antoine, Sporting Goods, Chicago, Illinois (approx 15mm x 26mm, before mid-1930s)

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