Sarah Faragher

"Sarah's Books"
Bangor, Maine

Bay Colony Bookshop, Boston, Massachusetts (26mm x 13mm) The Galignani Library, English & American Books, Paris, France (28mm x 15mm) Loring, Short and Harmon, Portland, Maine (26mm x 20mm) Old Corner Book Store, Boston, Mass. (17mm x 27mm, ca.1928) Skeans & Clifford, Books on Fine & Applied Arts, Deer Isle, Maine (37mm x 12mm) The Village Book Stall, Weston, Mass. (26mm x 22mm) Village Book & Stationery, Raleigh, North Carolina (28mm x 22mm) Williams' Bookstore, Boston, Massachusetts (28mm x 11mm) Witkower's, Booksellers & Stationers, Hartford, Conn. (31mm x 11mm)

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