F. Ehrlich, Buchhandlung, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (20mm x 9mm, ca. 1880). Jos. Eichbaum & Co., Stationers, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (20mm x 15mm). Courtesy of Robert Behra. Elkan-Vogel Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (inkstamp, 59mm x 25mm). Courtesy of Robert Behra. Fireside Book Shop, Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania (26mm x 23mm, after 1929). Courtesy of Robert Behra. A.E. Foote, Scientific and Medical Books, &c., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (27mm x 17mm, ca.1880s). Courtesy of Robert Behra. Laurel Book Service, Katherine and Karl Goedecke, Hazleton, Pennsylvania (27mm x 22mm, ca.1930s). Samuel Moore & Son, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (26mm x 11mm, c.1851). Courtesy of Suzzallo & Allen Libraries, University of Washington. J.P. Parke, Medical Books, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (32mm x 27mm, ca.1840?). Courtesy of Lewis Jaffe. The Parnassus Bookshop, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (28mm x 45mm). Courtesy of Robert Behra. Thomas V. Paul, Antiques - Books, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (26mm x 12mm, after 1919). Courtesy of Robert Behra. Ream's, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (22mm x 14mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis. Riggs & Bro., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (32mm dia.). Courtesy of Donald Francis. Orrin Rogers, Music Publisher, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (inkstamp, 49mm x 24mm, ca.1860s?). Courtesy of Robert Behra. Schaefer & Koradi, Buchhandlung, Philadelphia, Pennsyvania (27mm x 12mm). Wm. E. Stieren, Drawing Material, Scientific Books, etc., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (26mm x 15mm, after 1891). Courtesy of Robert Behra. Wm. E. Stieren, Optician, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (30mm x 20mm, after 1891). Courtesy of Robert Behra.
Zavelle Book Stores, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Bookplate, 70mm x 91mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis.

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