F. Bauermeister, Foreign and Art Bookseller, Edinburgh, Scotland (40mm x 15mm). Courtesy of S. Loreck. William Brown, Fine Art & Antiquarian Bookseller, Edinburgh, Scotland (33mm x 7mm). Courtesy of S. Loreck. Edmond & Spark, Bookbinders, Aberdeen, Scotland (30mm x 7mm, ca.1912). Courtesy of Robert Behra. James Fletcher, Bookseller, Ayr, Scotland (22mm x 9mm). Courtesy of S. Loreck. James P. Forrester, Bookseller & Bookbinder, Glasgow, Scotland (19mm x 16mm). Courtesy of S. Loreck. James Gemmell, Bookseller & Publisher, Edinburgh, Scotland (25mm x 9mm) James Gemmell, Edinburgh, Scotland (24mm x 9mm, ca.1880?) R. Gibson & Sons, The Book Shop, Glasgow, Scotland (40mm x 4mm). Courtesy of S. Loreck. S. Gordon, Bookseller & Printer, Castle Douglas, Scotland (23mm x 11mm). Courtesy of R. Behra. John Gray [binder], Edinburgh, Scotland (20mm x 14mm). Courtesy of S. Loreck. W. & R. Holmes, Booksellers & Stationers, Glasgow, Scotland (35mm x 9). Courtesy of R. Behra. William Jackson, Bookbinder, Aberdeen, Scotland (24mm x 5mm). MacNiven & Wallace [binders], Edinburgh, Scotland (40mm x 1mm, after 1867) James McKelvie & Sons, Greenock, Scotland (30mm x 8mm, c.1898). Courtesy of David Neale. James C. Paterson, Bookseller, Glasgow, Scotland (27mm x 10mm). D. Wyllie & Son, Booksellers & Stationers, Aberdeen, Scotland (20mm x 12mm, ca.1860s?). Courtesy of S. Loreck. D. Wyllie & Son, Booksellers & Stationers, Aberdeen, Scotland (22mm x 14mm, ca.1870s?). Courtesy of S. Loreck. John Young, Jr., Ayr, Scotland (32mm x 18mm). Courtesy of S. Loreck.

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