Frederick & Nelson Book Shop, Seattle, Washington (21mm x 17mm, ca.1924). The Bon Marche, Seattle (19mm x 8mm, ca.1928) Archway Book Store, Frank B. Wilson, Seattle, Washington (26mm x 17mm, ca.1923?).
The Book Exchange, Tacoma, Washington (23mm dia.) Book Gallery, Oak Harbor, Washington (inkstamp, 51mm x 21mm, ca.1980s). W.A. Bourland, Port Townsend, Washington (35mm x 27mm, c.1888).
The Book Shop, Davenport Hotel, Spokane, Washington (51mm x 16mm, ca.1927). Courtesy of Third Place Books
John W. Graham & Co., Spokane, Washington (46mm x 16mm). Courtesy of Steve Trussel. Griggs Stationery and Printing Co., Bellingham, Washington (33mm x 13mm) Seattle Guild Bookshop, Seattle, Washington (26mm x 17mm) The Guild Book Shop, Seattle, Washington (30mm x 13mm, ca.1948)
Harry Hartman, Seattle, Washington (16mm x 21mm) Hartman's Books, Seattle (21mm x 26mm) Harry Hartman, Seattle (17mm x 21mm)
M.H. Hisken, Seattle, Washington (31mm x 16mm, after 1937) The Kaufer Co., Church Goods, Seattle - Tacoma - Vancouver, BC (24mm dia) Ralph Krogstad, Windjammer Bookshop, Seattle
Janson Book Shop, Seattle, Washington (26mm x 13mm, ca.1968). Courtesy of Ken Bosman. Max Kuner Co, Seattle, Washington (28mm x 24mm, ca.1965)
V.J. Languille & Co., Spokane, Washington Literary Pirate, Ocean Park, Washington (44mm x 16mm)
Lowman & Hanford, Seattle, Washington (25mm x 13mm, before 1910) Lowman & Hanford, Seattle, Washington (19mm dia., before 1910)
Main Street Old & New, Vancouver, Washington (inkstamp, 28mm x 11mm) Mathewson's Drug Store, Port Angeles, Washington (inkstamp, 84mm x 9mm) Ottenberg Books, Seattle, Washington (27mm x 10mm). The Quaint Book Shop, Tacoma, Washington (27mm x 22m).
Raymer's Old Book Store, Seattle & Tacoma, Washington (27mm x 11mm). Raymer’s Old Book Store, Seattle & Tacoma, Washington (28mm x 11mm, ca.1928). Raymer's Old Book Store, Tacoma, Washington (77mm x 18mm).
Republic Publishing Co, Yakima, Washington (22mm dia., ca.1920s?). Courtesy of Ken Bosman. Shorey Book Store, Seattle, Washington (22mm dia., ca.1940s/50s).
University Book Store, Seattle, Washington (43mm x 27mm, ca.1950). Courtesy of Ken Bosman. Jas. Waggener, Jr., Vancouver, Washington (inkstamp, 46mm x 28mm, ca.1891).

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